• Parents as Pastors – The Prayer Book and the Anglican Family

    Share In this audio presentation, Fr. Charles Erlandson teaches Anglican parents how and why to have family Evening Prayer. Parents are the first and most powerful pastors of their own children. For Anglican parents, the Prayer Book is a Rule of Life which unites them in a common life in Christ. Fr. Erlandson shares his […]

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  • Mark Now Available At Amazon

    Share Give Us This Day is a unique daily devotional commentary for the entire New Testament based on the ancient method called lectio divina.  Lectio divina, or “divine reading,” is the method used by the early church and countless Christians through the centuries to read the Scriptures to form and transform the soul more than merely to […]

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Give Us This Day

Saturday of the Sunday Next Before Advent – 2 Peter 3:11-18

Share2 Peter 3:11-18             Have you heard the news?  Jesus Christ is coming again! This is one of God’s sure promises.  But if it’s true (and it is), then what kind of person should you be as a result? This is St. Peter’s great question to us today. Some in Peter and Paul’s day thought […]

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Friday Sunday Next Before Advent – 2 Peter 3:1-10

Share 2 Peter 3:1-10 Beloved, there are two things you need to know from this passage.  First, the God that created the heavens and the earth is the one who preserves them and can also destroy them.  Second, that God is not slack concerning His promises.  Therefore, let us have confidence in our God because […]

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Thursday of the Sunday Next Before Advent – 2 Peter 2:10-22

Share2 Peter 2:10-22 We must be careful with the way we present the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I don’t just mean that we should avoid the errors of false teachers, which is obviously a critical task.  I also mean that we must take great care to present the entire gospel, in its full strength, and […]

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Wednesday of the Sunday Next Before Advent – 2 Peter 2:1-10a

Share2 Peter 2:1-10a             There is a dark side of many of the New Testament Epistles.  But it occurs in some form in just about every New Testament letter: it is the subject of false teachers. I have avoided it in my meditations so far because it hasn’t directly been a part of my experience, […]

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Tuesday of the Sunday Next Before Advent – 2 Peter 1:12-21

Share2 Peter 1:12-21 2 Peter 1:18-21 is perhaps the most important Scripture in Scripture about Scripture.  In it, St. Peter tells us the value of Scripture, the origin of Scripture, and the way to guard Scripture. What we do together every morning in Give Us This Day is utterly dependent upon what we believe about […]

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Reformed Catholicism

Post-Anglican Anglicanism: Part II

SharePost-Anglican Anglicanism: Part II What do I mean by a “Post-Anglican Anglicanism?” The phrase I’ve coined is deliberately ironic (and even oxymoronic!) I’m employing it to suggest that Anglican identity will be an even more complex and difficult thing in the 21st century than it has been in the past. In previous blogs, I’ve defined […]

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Post-Anglican Anglicanism: Part I

SharePost-Anglican Anglicanism – Part I In my recent posts, I’ve been going through the main periods of Anglican history since the Reformation. Here’s the way I’ve divided things up: Act I.  1533-1867 – Erastian Reformed Catholicism Act II.  1867-1960s – Colonial Relationships; 4 Spiritualities ActIII.  1960s-1998 (or 2003) – the Anglican Communion Act IV.  1998 […]

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The Global Anglican Spirituality

ShareThe Global Anglican Spirituality The first Lambeth Conference of 1867 and the creation of the Anglican Communion created a sense of a larger Anglican identity, as well as the need for authority to deal with provincial church relations. But for the most, until 1998 Anglicanism was treated in almost every academic work as being the […]

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Anglican Religious Identity and History – Part II – Act III: 1960s-1998

ShareAnglican Religious Identity and History – Part II – Act III: 1960s-1998 By the grace of God, I hope to have time and energy to continue writing the Reformed Catholicism blog. Last time, I outlined 4 historical periods of Anglican identity as follows: Act I.  1533-1867 – Erastian Reformed Catholicism Act II.  1867-1960s – Colonial […]

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Anglican Religious Identity and History – Part I

ShareAnglican Religious Identity and History – Part I In an earlier blog, I offered the following one-sentence definition of Anglicanism: “Anglicanism is the life of the Catholic Church that was planted in England in the first few centuries after Christ; reshaped decisively by the English Reformation that reformed the received catholic traditions and also by […]

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