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Tuesday of the 19th Sunday after Trinity – James 5:12-19

ShareJames 5:12-19 “Is anyone among you suffering?” – James 5:13 Is anyone among you, reading this, suffering? St. James has some wisdom from God for you today. The first thing James tells you to do is to pray.  Of course, you already knew this, but maybe you have become discouraged in your prayers.  Maybe God […]

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ShareJames 4:13-5:11 Here come da Judge! I don’t know how many of you remember Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In from the late 60s and early 70s, but that TV show popularized the saying “Here come da Judge!” We might say that “Here come da Judge!” is James’ message this morning, for he says in verse 9 […]

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Saturday of the 18th Sunday after Trinity – James 4:1-12

ShareJames 4:1-12 In the beginning of Chapter 4, James unveils the lowest layer, the very foundation, of our spiritual warfare: it is the battle within each of us between pride and humility.  All throughout the Bible, the two paths a man may walk are presented in terms of a binary choice.  In Genesis 3, it […]

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A One Sentence Definition of Anglicanism

ShareA One Sentence Definition of Anglicanism So far in my blogs on Anglicanism, I’ve offered a 2 word definition of Anglicanism (“Reformed Catholicism”) and explained both of these words.  Over the course of the next several blogs I want to develop a more sophisticated and extended definition of Anglicanism, based on my Ph.D. thesis.  Definitions […]

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Friday of the 18th Sunday after Trinity – James 3

ShareFriday of 18th Sunday after Trinity – James 3 Now that James has taught about faith and works, belief and deeds, he turns his attention to our words.  What James has to say, though it is in keeping with the wisdom of the Old Testament and even if it is familiar, is startling. “The tongue […]

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Thursday of 18th Sunday after Trinity – James 2:14-26

ShareJames 2:14-26 Sola Fide!  Faith alone!  That was one of the rallying cries made by the Protestant Reformers in the 16th century.  The slogan “faith alone” was particularly popularized by Martin Luther in his violent reaction to the abuses of the Roman Catholic Church. As a consequence, for some centuries now Protestants have been strongly […]

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Suicide of a Superpower – Pat Buchanan

ShareProvocative Prophesy of America’s Future I have to say at the beginning of my review that while I don’t always agree with Pat Buchanan’s prescriptions, his descriptions of what’s going on in America tend to be highly accurate and significant. Even if you disagree with Pat’s assessment of the trends he chronicles in “Suicide of […]

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Simply Jesus by N.T. Wright

ShareBrilliant and Provocative Book on Jesus and His Kingdom N.T. Wright’s latest book, “Simply Jesus,” claims to be a new vision of who Jesus is and what He did. Ultimately, the book is what it claims. It’s a sometimes brilliant and inspiring re-presentation of who Jesus is and what He came to do. But unfortunately, […]

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Wednesday of 18th Sunday after Trinity – James 2:1-13

ShareJames 2:1-13 The human ability to pick and choose what we pay attention to is astonishing.  In terms of the never-ending torrent of sensory input that washes over us each day, it’s a good thing that we have this selectivity.  Sometimes it keeps us from being overwhelmed and distracted, and other times it makes us […]

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Tuesday of the 18th Sunday after Trinity – James 1:22-27

ShareJames 1:22-27 None of us likes people who say one thing and do another.  In fact, some of our harshest criticism is for those who not only sin or do what is wrong but also do it in violation of what they themselves proclaim. We have a word for such people: hypocrites. To some extent […]

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