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Friday of the Second Sunday in Advent – Revelation 15

ShareRevelation 15 I love music!  I can’t think of a single person I know who doesn’t.  Even my daughter Gloria, when she was only one year old, loved to sing, and sung loudly and passionately and well (for a one-year old.)  She liked the Gloria at the end of the Holy Communion service, as well […]

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Thursday of the Second Sunday in Advent – Revelation 14

ShareRevelation 14 We could spend the rest of the morning trying to tease out the esoteric meanings of Revelation 14, comparing the symbolism of the Old Testament with that in this chapter, and feeling pretty good about ourselves because we had spent some serious time in the Word. But I find that too many Bible […]

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Wednesday of the Second Sunday in Advent – Revelation 13

ShareRevelation 13 Be honest.  What are your first thoughts and feelings when reading Revelation 13?  Are they to walk away dazed and confused, as if just accidentally exposed to some powerful narcotic?  Are they to shift into Encyclopedia Brown or Sherlock Holmes gear and fancy yourself ______________ (your name), Apocalyptic Detective! While it’s true that […]

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Tuesday of the Second Sunday in Advent – Revelation 12

ShareRevelation 12 Who is this Woman, and who is this Child?  And who is the Dragon who wars against them both? As always, we should start with what’s certain, and that’s the Child, or the Son, and the Dragon.  The Child is a male Child, and therefore a Son, who is to rule the nations […]

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Monday of the Second Sunday in Advent – Revelation 11

ShareRevelation 11 In Revelation 11, St. John continues his theme of the destruction of the Old Covenant and the birth of the New Covenant.  The Mystery of God has been accomplished (or revealed), as the gospel is preached (Revelation 10:7).  What is this Mystery?  It is the revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  According […]

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4 Orthodox Anglican Spiritualities

Share4 Orthodox Anglican Spiritualities In my last blog I introduced stylistic definitions of Anglicanism and promised to look at what I consider to be 4 orthodox spiritualities. What these 4 orthodox spiritualities are and how they interact will be an important part of the future for Anglicanism in the 21st century. Can a renewed orthodox […]

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Saturday of 1st Sunday in Advent – Revelation 10

ShareRevelation 10 Revelation 10 is a fascinating passage in Revelation – so are they all fascinating passages.  But I find Revelation 10 to be of great interest because in it, Jesus Christ is revealed to be the fulfillment of the entire Old Testament, that is, Old Covenant.  If one has read the Old Testament well, […]

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Friday of the First Sunday in Advent – Revelation 7

ShareRevelation 7 Revelation 7 is the Christian Exodus.  I don’t mean that Revelation 7 is teaching us about the Rapture of 144,000 saints at the end of the world: I mean that the meaning of Revelation 7 for every Christian, regardless of when they live, is the Exodus.  In other words, I believe it’s possible […]

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