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Thursday of Trinity 21 – Matthew 23:13-23

ShareMatthew 23:13-23 It would be easy to hammer the scribes and Pharisees again today.  Really, they’ve made themselves such easy targets!  And Jesus Himself spends one of the longest red-letter passages in the Bible wailing on them.  So I’d have a good precedent and could claim to be following Jesus. But, you see, it’s too […]

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Wednesday of Trinity 21 – Matthew 23:1-12

ShareMatthew 23:1-12 Why does Jesus use such scalding words towards the scribes and Pharisees?  His words are so caustic that I feel the sting of them 2000 years later – and they weren’t even aimed towards me! I think it’s because Jesus’ kingdom is a kingdom of love and humility (which are so closely related […]

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Tuesday of Trinity 21 – Matthew 22:34-46

ShareMatthew 22:34-46 When we need advice on important questions in life, we come to wise men. If I want to know to know how to do something related to the church, I’m most likely to pick up the phone and call Bishop Grote (REC).  If you wanted to know to invest your money more wisely, […]

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Monday of Trinity 21 – Matthew 22:15-33

ShareMatthew 22:15-33 We Christians are amphibians: we dwell in two habitats. We are inhabitants of two universes at the same time. We live in the earthly realm and also the heavenly realm at the same time, and often there is tension between the two. Both of today’s stories deal with this tension, each in a […]

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Saturday of Trinity 20 – Matthew 21:33-46

ShareMatthew 21:33-46 I’ve struggled today with what to write about the parable of the vinedressers, because Jesus’ point is about the rejection of the Stone which the builders rejected – and as Christians we have not rejected the chief cornerstone. And yet as I gaze more deeply into this parable I see a few things […]

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Friday of Trinity 20 – Matthew 21:17-32

ShareMatthew 21:17-32 “Son, go work today in my vineyard,” our Father says to us (verse 28). God has planted us in His garden, His Kingdom, and He has called each of you to go and work in His vineyard today.  It’s a wonderful thing to be planted in God’s garden.  It’s a place filled with […]

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Thursday of Trinity 20 – Matthew 21:1-16

ShareMatthew 21:1-16 In 1818, Ignaz Phillip Semmelweis was born into a world of dying women. The finest hospitals lost one out of six young mothers to the scourge of “childbed fever.” A doctor’s daily routine began in the dissecting room where he performed autopsies.  From there he made his way to the hospital to examine […]

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Wednesday of Trinity 20 – Matthew 20:17-34

ShareMatthew 20:17-34 Have you ever wanted to be great? I think that’s been a dream of mine since I was little.  One of my earliest ways of obtaining glory for myself was to become a great football player.  As kids, we used to play at a strip of field at Kenwood Elementary School in Champaign, […]

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Tuesday of Trinity 20 – Matthew 20:1-16

ShareMatthew 20:1-16 “That’s not fa-a-a-a-a-ai-rrrr!” That’s the traditional complaint of the child, isn’t it?  As adults, we tell our children that life isn’t fair, expecting them to meekly accept this, while we secretly fret and fume about life not being fair in the adult world. At stake in today’s parable from Jesus is the fairness […]

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Monday of Trinity 20 – Matthew 19:16-30

ShareMatthew 19:16-30 Questions are an important part of life.  At their best, they demonstrate a vivacious curiosity and engagement with life.  My twin brother Danny from an early age demonstrated a tenacious curiosity about things, a trait that has not abated as he and I approach the half-century mark. As a teacher, you realize that […]

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