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Thursday of 1st Sunday after Trinity – Luke 4:1-13

ShareLuke 4:1-13 I find Luke 4, in which the temptation of Christ occurs, to be one of the most humorous passages in the Bible.  It’s not actually the temptation itself but the way the events leading up to the temptation that make me laugh.  After Jesus has been baptized, the very next thing that happens […]

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Wednesday of 1st Sunday after Trinity – Luke 3:1-22

ShareLuke 3:1-22 “What shall we do then?” Imagine that you are in 1st century Israel, minding your own business, groaning under the Roman Empire and looking with weariness and almost complacency for the Messiah. Suddenly, someone dressed in camel skins and a leather belt and eating bugs and bug by-products arrives in the region around […]

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Tuesday of 1st Sunday after Trinity – Luke 2:41-52

ShareLuke 2:41-52 I want to challenge you this morning to answer a difficult question.  If you could ask God for one thing – just one thing – and you were certain He would grant it (as long as it’s not contrary to His revealed will) – what would it be? This is, of course, simply […]

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Monday of 1st Sunday after Trinity – Luke 2:21-40

ShareLuke 2:21-40 St. Luke is the only one of the Gospel writers to mention Sts. Simeon and Anna, and I’m glad that he does.  To me, they are patterns for our lives.  In both brief stories, Simeon and Anna live out the same pattern, which is a model for our lives.  It happens like this: […]

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Saturday of Trinity Sunday – Luke 2:1-20

ShareLuke 2:1-20 Here we are, approximately half a year from Christmas and its peculiar joys.  We’ve more recently experienced the glory and joys of Easter, the Ascension, and Pentecost.  But now what do we do? I’ve got an idea! (Actually, it’s the genius of the lectionary.)  Why don’t we celebrate Christmas in June?  Why not […]

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Friday of Trinity Sunday – Luke 1:67-80

ShareLuke 1:67-80 After Zacharias’ tongue is loosed again, and after he has demonstrated his faith by obediently naming John what God had named him, Zacharias is filled with the Holy Spirit.  And what does the Holy Spirit inspire Zacharias to do?  To sing a hymn of praise to God with his newly loosened tongue. Zacharias […]

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Thursday of Trinity Sunday – Luke 1:57-66

ShareLuke 1:57-66 “His name is John.” This is at the heart of this seemingly minor passage.  Personally, I wanted to go back and meditate on the Magnificat, but this is the passage assigned to us for today. Today’s passage is all about the power of names. His name is “John,” and not Zacharias, after his […]

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Wednesday of Trinity Sunday – Luke 1:39-56

ShareLuke 1:39-56 “Behold the maidservant of the Lord!” I find these words characteristic of St. Mary, and in them I see the reason to emulate her.  These words, “Behold the maidservant of the Lord!” are characteristic of the Lord’s faithful servants all throughout the Scriptures.  When God called Moses, revealing Himself to be the great […]

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Tuesday of Trinity Sunday – Luke 1:26-38

ShareLuke 1:26-38 While Roman Catholics may exalt Mary to an inappropriate place and Protestants may ignore her altogether, Mary is to be an example of faith for us.  There is no denying that she was, to quote the angel, “full of grace.”  But Mary is a prototype for us, and what was true for her […]

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Monday of Trinity Sunday – Luke 1:1-25

ShareLuke 1:1-25 I love the opening of St. Luke’s Gospel because I feel, even more than in the other Gospels, that St. Luke is talking to me.  “You talkin’ to me?  You talkin’ to me?” we ask. St. Luke’s answer (which is really God’s) is, simply, “Yes.” Why do I feel as if St. Luke […]

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