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Friday of Trinity 7 – Luke 14:15-24

ShareLuke 14:15-24 “Blessed is he who shall eat bread in the Kingdom of Heaven!” What a nourishing thought!  I find it interesting that the anonymous person who made this great statement was sitting at the table and eating with Jesus Himself.  I wonder if he knew not only that he would eat bread in the […]

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Thursday of the 7th Sunday after Trinity – Luke 14:1-14

ShareLuke 14:1-14 I can’t tell the difference between love and humility. Most of us have been taught that the opposite of love is hate, and in some ways I suppose that is true.  But for the Christian, the true opposite of love (which is to give up self for the good of another) is pride […]

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Wednesday of the 7th Sunday after Trinity – Luke 13:22-35

ShareLuke 13:22-35 There will be many other occasions to hear Jesus talk about how we must enter into the narrow gate and about the sin of hypocrisy, two themes that Jesus addresses this morning. What draws me like a magnet this morning instead is how Jesus responds to our choosing to take the broad way, […]

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Tuesday of the 7th Sunday after Trinity – Luke 13:10-21

ShareLuke 13:10-21 Here is a personal gospel for all of us: the picture Jesus gives us of the woman healed of her infirmity.  If you have read the Gospels before or grown up hearing Bible stories as a child, it often becomes more difficult to hear a personal message in the Word of God.  My […]

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Monday of the 7th Sunday after Trinity – Luke 13:1-9

ShareLuke 13:1-9 In a dizzying succession, Jesus touches upon some of the most important truths of the cosmos in verses 1-5. Things happen.  Bad things.  They happen to all of us, but not necessarily with a one to one correspondence to how good or bad we’ve been. His words seem strangely reassuring at first: they […]

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Saturday of Trinity 6 – Luke 12:49-59

ShareLuke 12:49-59 For being the Prince of Peace, Jesus sure knows how to stir up trouble! The truth is, of course, that we are the ones who have disturbed the peace of the cosmos.  We are the ones who have broken the law and are to be hauled into court to pay our debt.  We […]

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Friday of Trinity 6 – Luke 12:35-48

ShareLuke 12:35-48 As a teacher, I’ve given my students hundreds, if not thousands, of tests.  But some of the most interesting and important tests are not the kind given on paper but are the tests of character that happen from time to time.  On occasion, I had to leave my room as a teacher, and […]

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Thursday of 6th Sunday in Trinity – Luke 12:22-34

ShareLuke 12:22-34 There is one thing in life you should fear and, likewise, one thing you should worry about. The one thing you should fear is the one who has power to cast into Hell.  The one thing you should fear is God (Luke 12:5) and His displeasure.  That’s it.  Now this doesn’t mean that […]

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Wednesday of 6th Sunday in Trinity – Luke 12:13-21

ShareLuke 12:13-21 I think many of us have become so wealthy in terms of worldly possessions that it’s difficult for us to hear the teachings of Jesus properly.  I say this as someone who makes less than the average American and has 5 kids, and yet as one who considers himself to be among the […]

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Tuesday of 6th Sunday in Trinity – Luke 12:1-12

ShareLuke 12:1-12 Have you ever had a crisis in your life that forced a clarity and simplicity into your life so that suddenly your priorities became crystal clear?  It might have been a death in the family, the loss of a job, the birth of your firstborn, your marriage, etc.  At such moments, we forget […]

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