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Monday of 6th Sunday in Trinity – Luke 11:37-54

ShareLuke 11:37-54 Christianity is a challenging religion because it’s a comprehensive one.  We don’t get to make choices about what to care about, because God cares about it all.  And so we don’t need to decide whether the body or the soul is more important because God created both, cares about both, and is redeeming […]

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Saturday of Trinity 5 – Luke 11:29-36

ShareLuke 11:29-36 I once wrote a poem that began: “Why are there 7 holes in my head?” The answer to that question (in prosaic terms) is “To take in God and be transformed and show Him to the world.”  One way of looking at the purpose of mankind is to examine our lives in terms […]

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Friday of Trinity 5 – Luke 11:14-28

ShareLuke 11:14-28 You might remember the Ajax White Knight, clad in silver armor, mounted on a white steed, and galloping valiantly down neighborhood streets zapping dirty laundry with his magic white lance to the tune of “Stronger than Dirt.”  Apparently, the inspiration for the White Knight campaign originated in a dream that the ad creator, […]

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Thursday of Trinity 5 – Luke 10:38-11:13

ShareLuke 10:38-11:13 What I want to do this morning is to mention briefly some different ways that you could use the Lord’s Prayer.  One of the challenges that we all have in praying the same thing repeatedly is to make the prayers new.  The truth is, this is just as great a challenge for those […]

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Wednesday of 5th Sunday in Trinity – Luke 10:25-37

ShareLuke 10:25-37 It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? . . . Please won’t you be my neighbor? Hi neighbor! Perhaps no one more than Fred Rogers, Mr. Rogers, has made us all aware of the idea of being a neighbor.  […]

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Tuesday of 5th Sunday in Trinity – Luke 10:1-24

ShareLuke 10:1-24 “The kingdom of God has come near you.” This is Jesus’ proclamation to His disciples in both verses 9 and 11.  I seem to remember that from somewhere.  Computing . . . computing – come on-n-n-n brain! I’ve got it!  Isn’t this what J the B said in Matthew 3 to prepare the […]

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