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Thursday of Lent 2 – John 11:17-27

ShareJohn 11:17-27 I wonder a lot about how the Gospel comes down to us in particular, pre-packaged forms.  I wonder about how it is that certain semi-official versions of the gospel became semi-official versions; about how and when John 3:16 became the verse of the Bible; about how Thomas became merely “Doubting Thomas”; about how […]

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Wednesday of Lent 2 – John 11:1-16

ShareJohn 11:1-16 “Let us also go, that we may die with Him” said Believing Thomas (it’s always bothered me that we burden St. Thomas solely with the descriptor “Doubting”).  I don’t believe Thomas actually knew what he was saying, but I think I know what it might mean to us. “Let us also go, that […]

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Tuesday of Lent 2 – John 10:1-30 – Part III

SharePart III Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, both knows and leads His sheep.  But this knowledge (which is love) and this leading (which is love by serving) means that the Good Shepherd also gives His life for the sheep (verse 11 and 15). Jesus, the Good Shepherd, loves His sheep: He loves you more than […]

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Monday of Lent 2 – John 10:1-30 – Part II

ShareMonday of Lent 2 – John 10:1-30 – Part II The Good Shepherd not only knows His sheep but also leads them.  “He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out.  And when He brings out his own sheep, He goes before them; and the sheep follow Him, for they know His voice” […]

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Saturday of Lent 1 – 1 Timothy 6:6-21

Share1 Timothy 6:6-21 As we finish the first full week after Lent, continuing in the way of the Cross to meet Jesus at Golgotha on Good Friday that we might meet Him at the empty tomb on Easter Sunday, we hear this morning once again about the need to divest.  The rest of the world […]

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Friday of Lent 1 – Ember Friday – 1 Timothy 4

Share1 Timothy 4             During this season of Lent, on this Ember Friday, we continue the theme of Ember Days and especially that of Lent. “What should I give up for Lent?”  That’s the question we often hear.  This can become a mere formality, as with any part of the spiritual life, and it can […]

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Thursday of Lent 1 – John 10:1-30 – Part I

ShareJohn 10:1-30 – Part I I’m trying something a little different today.  Since I found so much to say about Jesus the Good Shepherd and us as the good sheep, and since the lectionary divides John 10 into several readings, I’m going to write an extended meditation on John 10 over the next 3 lessons, […]

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Wednesday of Lent 1 – Ember Wednesday – 2 Corinthians 4

Share2 Corinthians 4 Today is an Ember Day, Ember Days being days in which we are to focus on fasting and prayer.  On this Ember Wednesday, we contemplate our weakness and God’s strength, a truth brought home every time we fast or suffer any kind of deprivation.  In this way, Ember Days and 2 Corinthians […]

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Tuesday of Lent 1 – John 9:24-41

ShareJohn 9:24-41 I love the sighted man in John 9: he’s one of my favorite characters in all of the Bible.  He’s got guts, he’s got charm, and he knows how to poke disbelievers in Jesus Christ in the eye.  He had the kind of irrepressible attitude that all of the rest of us blind […]

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Monday of Lent 1 – John 9:1-23

ShareJohn 9:1-23 “I AM!” Jesus, being God, says.  I AM.  I exist.  I am the origin and source of all being.  I am the Creator and Sustainer of all reality.  I am before and after time and in time and outside of time.  I am the definition of love and beauty and truth and good. […]

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