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Wednesday of Trinity 22 – Matthew 24:42-51

ShareMatthew 24:42-51 Most of us adults don’t like being watched by our bosses.  As children, we know that we’re supposed to be watched and that this watching is for our own good.  We don’t always like it, but as children we know that it’s usually a good thing.  But as adults, we often rebel at […]

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Tuesday of Trinity 22 – Matthew 24:29-41

ShareMatthew 24:29-41 There was a thought-provoking book published a few years ago titled The Black Swan. It provides an insightful perspective into seemingly improbable events (i.e., a ‘black swan’) and our thinking that surrounds them. The author, Nassim Nicholas Taleb contends that black swans underlie most everything within our world, but we usually fail to […]

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Monday of Trinity 22 – Matthew 24:15-28

ShareMatthew 24:15-28 Something of supreme significance happened in the 1st century A.D.  It would be easy to read it as we might any other event in history, that is, with a yawn and a reach for the remote control.  Julius Caesar was murdered in 44 B.C., we read.  At the battle of Thermopylae in 480 […]

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Saturday of Trinity 21 – Matthew 24:1-14

ShareMatthew 24:1-14 Sometimes, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.  In this case, I feel compelled to say a word about Matthew 24 and its relationship to eschatology.  In a word, I believe that in Matthew 24, Jesus is speaking not about the end of the world before His Second Coming […]

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Friday of Trinity 21 – Matthew 23:24-39

ShareMatthew 23:24-39             Sometimes when I read the lesson for the day I feel like I’m in a biblical supermarket.  The Lord offers me so many choices for what to talk about.  Other times, it seems as if there’s only one thing to meditate on and for some reason it doesn’t compel my heart.  I […]

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Thursday of Trinity 21 – Matthew 23:13-23

ShareMatthew 23:13-23 It would be easy to hammer the scribes and Pharisees again today.  Really, they’ve made themselves such easy targets!  And Jesus Himself spends one of the longest red-letter passages in the Bible wailing on them.  So I’d have a good precedent and could claim to be following Jesus. But, you see, it’s too […]

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Wednesday of Trinity 21 – Matthew 23:1-12

ShareMatthew 23:1-12 Why does Jesus use such scalding words towards the scribes and Pharisees?  His words are so caustic that I feel the sting of them 2000 years later – and they weren’t even aimed towards me! I think it’s because Jesus’ kingdom is a kingdom of love and humility (which are so closely related […]

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Tuesday of Trinity 21 – Matthew 22:34-46

ShareMatthew 22:34-46 When we need advice on important questions in life, we come to wise men. If I want to know to know how to do something related to the church, I’m most likely to pick up the phone and call Bp. Grote (REC).  If you wanted to know to invest your money more wisely, […]

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Monday of Trinity 21 – Matthew 22:15-33

ShareMatthew 22:15-33 We Christians are amphibians: we dwell in two habitats.  We are inhabitants of two universes at the same time.  We live in the earthly realm and also the heavenly realm at the same time, and often there is tension between the two.  Both of today’s stories deal with this tension, each in a […]

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Saturday of Trinity 20 – Matthew 21:33-46

ShareMatthew 21:33-46 I’ve struggled today with what to write about the parable of the vinedressers, because Jesus’ point is about the rejection of the Stone which the builders rejected – and as Christians we have not rejected the chief cornerstone. And yet as I gaze more deeply into this parable I see a few things […]

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