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The Circumcision of Christ – Luke 2:11-22

ShareLuke 2:11-22 Happy New Year! Though the lesson from today is taken from Ephesians 2:11-22, on the Circumcision of Christ, we should not forget about one, unobtrusive verse that most of us skip over each year.  It’s tucked away right after the justly famous Christmas passage in St. Luke’s Gospel.  But after the angels have sung […]

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December 31 – 1 John 2:18-29

Share St. John’s message this morning is a timely one, coming as it does at the end of another civil year.  December 31 is a time to contemplate the sorrows and joys of the previous year, to anticipate with hope the new year, to examine ourselves for what we did wrong last year, and to […]

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December 30 – 1 John 2:1-17

Share1 John 2:1-17 John says so much in such a little space, but his main points seem to be two: Jesus Christ is the propitiation of sins for those who turn to Him, and if anyone knows God and loves Him, he will keep His commandments. Both seem to be an amplification of John’s gospel […]

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December 29 – 1 John 1

Share1 John 1 1 John 1 could be called the Gospel of St. John because in it is contained the essence of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  The good news Great News is that God has made it possible for man to have eternal life with the Father.  Before, this was not the case, […]

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St. John the Evangelist Day – December 27 – John 13:20-26, 31-35

ShareJohn 13:20-26, 31-35 I love St. John, for He is the apostle of love and the disciple whom Jesus loved! At the Last Supper, as with the Lord’s Supper, the stakes of life are raised.  The sheep become most clearly sheep who are fed by the Passover Lamb who takes away the sins of the […]

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St. Stephen’s Day – December 26 – Acts 7:55-60

ShareActs 7:55-60 Those of you who are following the Prayer Book lectionary will recognize that I have taken this morning’s lesson from the Epistle Lesson appointed for St. Stephen’s Day, and not from the daily lectionary.  We are entering a brief but intense period in the lectionary when there are many special commemorations and therefore […]

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Christmas Day – Luke 2:1-20

ShareLuke 2:1-20 (The inspiration for this meditation came from Ephraim the Syrian, a 4th century Christian who wrote several excellent Nativity Hymns.) At Christmas the question sometimes arises, “What do you get for the man who has everything?”  For us, the question is, “What should we give to a God who has everything and has […]

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Christmas Eve – Luke 1:67-80

ShareLuke 1:67-80 After Zacharias’ tongue is loosed again, and after he has demonstrated his faith by obediently naming John what God had named him, Zacharias is filled with the Holy Spirit.  And what does the Holy Spirit inspire Zacharias to do?  To sing a hymn of praise to God with his newly loosened tongue. Zacharias […]

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Tuesday of Advent 4 – Luke 1:26-38

ShareLuke 1:26-38 While Roman Catholics may exalt Mary to an inappropriate place and Protestants may ignore her altogether, Mary is to be an example of faith for us.  There is no denying that she was, to quote the angel, “full of grace.”  But Mary is a prototype for us, and what was true for her […]

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Monday of Advent 4 – Luke 1:1-25

Share I love the opening of St. Luke’s Gospel because I feel, even more than in the other Gospels, that St. Luke is talking to me.  “You talkin’ to me?  You talkin’ to me?” we ask. St. Luke’s answer (which is really God’s) is, simply, “Yes.” Why do I feel as if St. Luke is […]

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