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Saturday of Trinity 8 – Luke 17:11-19

ShareLuke 17:11-19 Sometimes, often – usually – God asks us to work with Him in answering our prayers.  We ask to be healed in body, and yet we are to make wise choices about our health and go to doctors.  We ask for forgiveness, and yet we must accept forgiveness and give it to others. […]

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Friday of the 8th Sunday in Trinity – Luke 17:1-10

ShareLuke 17:1-10 Decisions, decisions.  God is drawing my attention to both verses 1-4 and verses 5-10.  Let’s meditate on verses 1-4. “Take heed to yourselves.”  Take care of yourselves, watch out for yourselves, Jesus says.  Why in the world would He say this?  What danger is it that lurks in our lives? The danger is, […]

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Thursday of Trinity 8 – Luke 16:19-31

ShareLuke 16:19-31 I have a saying at my house (which I use mainly on myself!).  It’s: “There is never an excuse for sin.”  There are rationalizations, justifications, and explanations, but there is never an excuse (that excuses us) for sin. The rich man (traditionally named “Dives,” which means “rich”) in Jesus’ parable from Luke 16:19-31 […]

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Wednesday of the 8th Sunday in Trinity – Luke 16:1-18

ShareLuke 16:1-18 “What is money?”  It’s a question I used to ask my Senior Economics students.  While money may be defined in several ways, one of the most important definitions is that money is a symbol of wealth – it stands for the material riches with which God has blessed us.  Economics, which literally means […]

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Tuesday of Trinity 8 – Luke 15:11-32

ShareLuke 15:11-32 “But what about me?” says the other son.  And with him I, too, say “Yeah, what about me?” More about the other son in a minute. But first, what about the prodigal son?  You realize, of course, that the little titles in your Bible are not inspired and are technically not part of […]

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Monday of Trinity 8 – Luke 15:1-10

ShareLuke 15:1-10 Who wants to make the angels clap and shout and sing with me? In Luke 15:1-10 Jesus shows us how to do just this. I imagine that every time a sinner repents, all the angels and archangels and heavenly host in heaven hoot and holler.  To communicate this joyous celebration, Jesus uses two […]

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Saturday of Trinity 7 – Luke 14:25-35

ShareLuke 14:25-35 They lied to us.  Every parent, pastor, teacher, relative, and friend who told us that all we had to do was show up for church one hour a week or say the Sinner’s Prayer once upon a time or go forward at the Crusade lied to us. This is exactly what Dietrich Bonhoeffer […]

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Friday of Trinity 7 – Luke 14:15-24

ShareLuke 14:15-24 “Blessed is he who shall eat bread in the Kingdom of Heaven!” What a nourishing thought!  I find it interesting that the anonymous person who made this great statement was sitting at the table and eating with Jesus Himself.  I wonder if he knew not only that he would eat bread in the […]

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Thursday of the 7th Sunday after Trinity – Luke 14:1-14

ShareLuke 14:1-14 I can’t tell the difference between love and humility. Most of us have been taught that the opposite of love is hate, and in some ways I suppose that is true.  But for the Christian, the true opposite of love (which is to give up self for the good of another) is pride […]

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Wednesday of the 7th Sunday after Trinity – Luke 13:22-35

ShareLuke 13:22-35 There will be many other occasions to hear Jesus talk about how we must enter into the narrow gate and about the sin of hypocrisy, two themes that Jesus addresses this morning. What draws me like a magnet this morning instead is how Jesus responds to our choosing to take the broad way, […]

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