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Tuesday of Trinity 12 – Luke 23:26-38

ShareLuke 23:26-38 “They laid hold of a certain man, Simon, a Cyrenian . . . and on him they laid the cross that he might bear it after Jesus.” If you thought that what God, through the mouth of St. Luke, was showing you so far was heavy, just wait! Who, as a Christian, cannot […]

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Monday of Trinity 12 – Luke 23:13-25

ShareLuke 23:13-25 This is an upside down world! Atlas may have held the world on his sturdy shoulders, but Adam did him one better: he turned it upside down.  Down is up and up is down in Adam’s fallen world.  The least godly proclaim themselves to be the greatest, and the last people that are […]

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Saturday of Trinity 11 – Luke 22:63-23:12

ShareLuke 22:63-23:12 “Are you then the Son of God?”  This was the question asked by the council which consisted of both chief priests and scribes. Jesus’ answer is simple and explosive: “You rightly say that I am.” In other words, “You are right in saying that I am the Son of God.”  But Jesus’ answer […]

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Friday of Trinity 11 – Luke 22:47-62

ShareLuke 22:47-62 “Surely it is not I, Lord!” Surely I am not the disciple who will betray You. That is what we all say whenever read this passage, for we cannot help but have our hearts burn within us when we read of the betrayal of our Lord once again. First, we read of betrayal […]

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Thursday of Trinity 11 – Luke 22:31-46

ShareLuke 22:31-46 What a privilege it is to pray with our Lord Himself!  That is exactly what we are doing here this morning in Luke 22: praying with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  In fact, what we are participating in this morning is nothing less than the Lord’s Prayer in action.  In the Garden, […]

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Wednesday of Trinity 11 – Luke 22:14-30

ShareLuke 22:14-30 Personally, I find time a very confusing creation.  I look back to when I bought my first Beatles record in 1974, and it seemed as if the Beatles must have at that date been broken up for an entire generation.  In fact, it had been 4 years.  But now it’s been 35 years […]

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Tuesday Trinity 11 – Luke 22:1-13

ShareLuke 22:1-13 It feels strange to approach so close to Easter while still in summer!  Now that Jesus has commanded the disciples to make the Passover ready, I can smell Holy Week in this passage, for there is an indescribable and terrible feeling of holiness I feel whenever Holy Week is here. And why shouldn’t […]

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Monday Trinity 11 – Luke 21:20-38

ShareLuke 21:20-38 I’ll admit it.  This is a difficult passage to meditate on.  Difficult because we are immediately faced with the difficulty of having to apply such a passage that has eschatological (pertaining to the “Last Things”) implications. I would like to continue Saturday’s perspective, which requires us to avoid twin errors: first, that the […]

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Saturday of Trinity 10 – Luke 21:5-19

ShareLuke 21:5-19  “They will lay their hands on you and persecute you.”  This is what Jesus promises to His disciples will happen to them.  If you’re like me, you probably think about this how this passage might apply to you in terms of hypotheticals.  “Some day, when things have gotten bad enough, I too may […]

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Friday of Trinity 10 – Luke 20:41-21:4

ShareLuke 20:41-21:4 WYSIWYG. “What You See Is What You Get.”  It was a revolutionary principle years ago when Apple came out with an operating system that worked under the principle of WYSIWYG.  Eventually, Apple forced Microsoft to become better and adopt this principle of computer graphics instead of the nerdy and Herculean system known as […]

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