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Thursday of Trinity 10 – Luke 20:27-40

ShareLuke 20:27-40 It’s refreshing to see the words and logic of someone else besides the Pharisees fail.  This time it’s the Sadducees.  Actually, after Jesus decisively answers the Sadducees, it is really Strike Three.  In Luke 20:1-8, the chief priests and scribes take a swing at Jesus and miss.  In Luke 20:20-26, it’s a swing […]

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Wednesday of Trinity 10 – Luke 20:9-26

ShareLuke 20:9-26  The parable of the wicked vinedressers is a parable that Jesus spoke primarily to the Jews.  They are the ones who were given God’s vineyard and told to keep it.  They were the ones who had God’s servants the prophets sent to them so that they might be reminded to bear fruit, and […]

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Tuesday of Trinity 10 – Luke 19:47-20:8

ShareLuke 19:47-20:8 Who is Jesus Christ? Careful!  The way you answer this question determines everything else in life: it’s important to get it right. The chief priest and scribes in Luke 20 get it wrong.  Very wrong.  “Who is he who gave you this authority?” they ask.  And they should know.  It should be clear […]

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Monday of Trinity 10 – Luke 19:29-40

ShareLuke 19:29-40 The appropriate response to being in the presence of Jesus is joy and praise.  Both of these things are needed, and both are present whenever Jesus is present and is received with faith. It seems odd to be reading about the Triumphal Entry of Jesus on Palm Sunday at the end of summer, […]

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Saturday of Trinity 9 – Luke 19:11-28

ShareLuke 19:11-28 Jesus is a persistent Master, isn’t He?  Didn’t He just finish teaching us in Luke 16:1-13 that we should be faithful with our money and gifts and to give an account of our stewardship?  And then in Luke 16:19-31 He told us about the rich man who had not been faithful with the […]

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Friday of Trinity 9 – Luke 19:1-10

ShareLuke 19:1-10 There have been a lot of famous short men throughout history.  Napoleon was only 5’ 2”, and James Madison, Moe, Larry, and Curly were all only 5’ 4”.  On behalf of short men everywhere who are below the statistical average of 5’ 10” in the U.S., I am proud to say I’m a […]

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Thursday of Trinity 9 – Luke 18:31-43

ShareLuke 18:31-43 The healing of the blind man is a quintessential story of healing in the Bible: it’s all there, and told with such simplicity, brevity, and yet comprehension.  It makes a wonderful story to meditate on using the lectio divina. Imagine that you are in first century Israel, living near Jericho, that city symbolic […]

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Wednesday of Trinity 8 – Luke 18:15-30

ShareLuke 18:15-30 This morning I feel as if I am at a Chinese food buffet but have been told I may only eat from one dish.  I love the 1928 Prayer Book lectionary because the Daily Bread offering is just right to feed me.  And yet this morning there are 3 sections (pericopes) – and […]

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Tuesday of Trinity 9 – Luke 18:1-14

ShareLuke 18:1-14 Have you ever had someone nag you into action?  The person coaxes, wheedles, cajoles, begs, nags, pleads, and whines until you finally give in and do what he or she wants you to do. This is one motivation for a person doing what another person asks him to do.  But if the person […]

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Monday of Trinity 9 – Luke 17:20-37

ShareLuke 17:20-37 Jesus says a lot of surprising things.  The really wonderful thing is that what He says constantly surprises even Christians.  And that’s a good thing! This morning He tells us some surprising things about His kingdom: first, that it “does not come with observation,” and second, that “it is within you.” Part of […]

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