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Saturday of Trinity 22 – 3 John

Share3 John In 3 John, the apostle of love repeats his theme of love in truth and love of truth. For John, love = truth and truth = love.  In 3 John, this equation is manifest as in 2 John, only this time instead of being spoken of as true of a church, John portrays […]

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Friday of Trinity 22 – 2 John

Share2 John 2 John is a love letter to a very mysterious lady from the apostle of love, St. John. This lady is, first of all, elect.  She has been chosen by God to belong to Him and to walk in His ways all the days of her life.  This lady evidently has children, and […]

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Thursday of Trinity 22 – Philemon

SharePhilemon What a delight to get to read Philemon.  When left to our own devices, how many of us pick up the Bible one morning and say, “Hmmmm.   I think I’ll read the book of Philemon today!”? But I’m glad to be able to read it this morning and that our lectionary plan to read […]

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Wednesday Trinity 22 – Titus 3

ShareTitus 3 Well, Paul’s done it to us again.  He’s returned to one of his favorite themes, but one that is sometimes contentious for us: good works.  The twin themes of the importance of teaching the apostolic truth and living by good works are here in Titus 3 once more.  Still reeling from the battles […]

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Tuesday Trinity 22 – Titus 2

ShareTitus 2 See?  I told you God’s high standards applied to you and not just to bishops and deacons!  Titus 2 also reminds us that even though the ordained clergy have a very special commission to guard the Word and teach the truth, that doesn’t let other Christians off the hook.  All members of Christ’s […]

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Monday of Trinity 22 – Titus 1

ShareTitus 1 In a few short verses in Titus, St. Paul establishes the foundation for a good church.  Though his commandments to Titus are not comprehensive, they do give us a crucial and fascinating insight into both the first century Church and into what Paul considered most important.  The two most essential points may be […]

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