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January 1 – Circumcision of Christ – Revelation 19:11-16

ShareCircumcision of Christ – Revelation 19:11-16 There was a little Jewish boy born many years ago and circumcised on the 8th day in accordance with the Law.  Such a small way to begin the biggest thing of all.  But that boy, as well all know, did not stay a boy, and His circumcision and keeping […]

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December 31 – Hebrews 3

ShareHebrews 3 Good day, partakers of Jesus Christ!  Partakers, that is, if you hold the beginning of your confidence steadfast to the end and if you do not depart from the living God.  But I am persuaded of better things for you. God has called you to be a partaker of Jesus Christ.  If you […]

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December 30 – Hebrews 2:9-18

ShareHebrews 2:9-18 Jesus Christ, the God-man, is a mystery, but thankfully a mystery that God Himself has revealed to us.  The God who made Himself man for us continues to amaze and mystify us.  More importantly, He continues to save us! In Chapter 1, the writer of Hebrews composed a superb description of the supremacy […]

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December 29 – Hebrews 1

ShareHebrews 1 Get your hymnals out now, because at the end of this meditation, you ought to feel like singing songs of praise to Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ is God’s Final Word to us (the “last days” actually occurred in the 1st century, according to the writer of Hebrews), who are to live by every […]

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Holy Innocents – Mark 10:13-16, 23-31

Share I find it helpful in understanding the love Jesus has for children to remember that I am a child of God.  Jesus loves the little children as children, but He especially loves all who come to Him as children, regardless of age. The main point about children and their relationship to Jesus, in the […]

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St. Stephen’s Day – Acts 7:59-8:8

ShareActs 7:59-8:8 How blessed St. Stephen was to be the first Christian martyr, and how blessed the world was by his faithful witness and life!  At the end of St. Stephen’s life, it becomes clear that he died like Jesus Christ: speaking the Truth in love, gazing into Heaven, asking the Father to receive His […]

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Christmas Day – 1 John 4:7-14

Share1 John 4:7-14             Merry Christmas! By now you’ve heard sermons and messages about Matthew and Luke’s account of the birth of Jesus Christ.  By now, for some of you, Christmas is pretty much over.  But in reality, it’s just beginning!  I seem to remember something about the 12 days of Christmas.  Actually, now the […]

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Christmas Eve – Matthew 1:18-25

ShareMatthew 1:18-25 Emmanuel – “God with us.”  That is the great theme of Christmas. When God became man, even His infant presence brought blessing to all who beheld Him.  We think of faithful Anna, ministering at the temple, and of Simeon.  John the Baptist kicked in the womb when he felt the presence of Mary […]

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Wednesday of the Fourth Sunday in Advent – Revelation 21:9-27

ShareRevelation 21:9-27 I love playing the word association game.  If someone says “Light,” then I might say “Dark.”  If they say “Black,” I might say “White.”  Actually, knowing me, I’ll go out of my way to find something to say other than the obvious.  If you said “White,” I’d be more likely to say something […]

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Tuesday of the Fourth Sunday in Advent – Revelation 21:1-8

ShareRevelation 21:1-8 Initial, progressive, final.  Remember that: it will help you understand how Revelation can actually be a revelation of Jesus Christ in your life.  Too often, we approach St. John’s Revelation as if it were St. John’s Obfuscation.  I can hear it now: “The first lesson is taken from the twenty-first chapter of The […]

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