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Wednesday of the 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany – John 4:1-14

ShareJohn 4:1-14             Sometimes the most common things are the most special and holy. Take water.  Water is one of the most common substances found on earth.  Chemically, it’s a very simply one as well, composed only of 1 oxygen and 2 hydrogen atoms.  It comprises 70% of the surface of the earth. And yet […]

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Tuesday of Epiphany 2 – John 3:22-36

ShareJohn 3:22-36              “He must increase, but I must decrease.” This is a good verse to live by. Oh, it’s not likely to make anyone’s Top 100 verses, but I still think it’s pretty cool.  Isn’t this the essence of the Christian life: that He must increase, but I must decrease? If you think about […]

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Monday of Epiphany 2 – John 3:14-21

ShareJohn 3:14-21 When did John 3:16 become the most famous verse in the Bible?  I’m not sure.  If you had to pick only one verse in the Bible to memorize, you probably couldn’t do better, although there are many others equally worthy. What I fear is that anyone would think that the verse is sufficient […]

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Saturday of Epiphany 1 – John 3:1-13

ShareJohn 3:1-13 I am the one who comes by night; I am the one who comes. Forgive me for having the cowardice to come by night, but please remember that I am one that comes to see and learn. Some will deride me, saying, “He is a teacher of the law and should know all […]

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Friday of Epiphany 1- John 2:13-25

ShareJohn 2:13-25 I love the fact that Jesus cleansed the Temple, and especially the fact that He made a whip of cords and overturned the tables and drove out the money changers from the Temple.  This single passage does more than perhaps any other passage to drive out of the Church the false images of […]

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Thursday of Epiphany 1 – John 2:1-12

ShareJohn 2:1-12 As we proceed through the season of Epiphany this year, it’s good for us to rehearse the origin and themes of the season.  Epiphany comes from a Greek word which means to appear or reveal.  Epiphany is one of the earliest of Christian holy days and dates from the 2nd century in its […]

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Wednesday of Epiphany 1 – John 1:35-51

ShareJohn 1:35-51 In this morning’s seemingly quiet lesson I see a mountain filled with thunder and lightning and earthquakes, for in this morning’s lesson I see Jesus Christ calling men to Himself to be His disciples: I see the beginning of the New Covenant, and I see Satan fall like lightning from the sky. John […]

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Tuesday of Epiphany 1 – John 1:19-34

ShareJohn 1:19-34 Flannery O’Connor, the great Roman Catholic novelist of the 20th century, once said: “The novelist with Christian concerns will find in modern life distortions which are repugnant to him, and his problem will be to make these appear as distortions to an audience which is used to seeing them as natural; and he […]

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Monday of Epiphany 1 – John 1:1-18

ShareJohn 1:1-18 Years ago one Christmas, in my adventures with a friend of mine, we stumbled across the New Mexico town of Madrid.  Madrid had formerly been a coal mining town and then a ghost town, and most recently artists had started to re-colonize it.  But back in the 1930s Madrid had a spectacular display […]

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January 9 – Acts 28:23-31

ShareActs 28:23-31 God certainly does work in mysterious ways His wonders to perform! Exhibit A: St. Paul, who began life not as St. Paul but as Saul of Tarsus: Scourge of the Christians.  Only after a most unlikely cosmic smackdown did Saul become Paul.  But it’s not just St. Paul who reveals God’s mysterious way […]

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