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Wednesday of Trinity Sunday – Acts 7:35-53

ShareActs 7:35-53 In Acts 7:35-53, St. Stephen hones in on his closing arguments.  While he begins by acting as a defense attorney, by the end of his sermon he is acting as a prosecutor.  It is this shocking reversal that must have caught his audience by surprise and provoked a response.  I’m sure Stephen was […]

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Tuesday of Trinity Sunday – Acts 7:17-34

ShareActs 7:17-34             Moses had a mid-life crisis.  Actually, he had two of them, 40 years apart.  I like the symmetry of Moses’ life, and even though I doubt I’ll live to 120, there are some hidden lessons in Moses’ life. In Moses’ first mid-life crisis, it came into his heart to visit his brethren, […]

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Monday of Trinity Sunday – Acts 7:1-16

ShareActs 7:1-16 When Stephen was accused by the Jews of blasphemous words against the Temple and the Law, how did Stephen defend himself? I’ll tell you what he didn’t do.  He didn’t try to offer scientific proof that Jesus rose from the dead.  He could have done something like that.  He could have begun by […]

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Tuesday of 2nd Sunday after Trinity – Acts 11:19-30

ShareActs 11:19-30 Now is a good time to celebrate the life and ministry of St. Barnabas.  Although Luke does not devote extended passages to him, as he does to both Peter and Paul, Barnabas figures prominently in the Acts of the Apostles.  In fact, aside from Peter or Paul, there is more about Barnabas than […]

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Monday of 2nd Sunday after Trinity – Acts 11:1-18

ShareActs 11:1-18 What is your response when God blesses others? Sometimes, we find it difficult to rejoice when others rejoice because we may think that for some reason it’s not right.  When Peter returned to Jerusalem, the mother church, those of the circumcision were not pleased with what Peter had to say.  “Those of the […]

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Saturday of 1st Sunday after Trinity – Acts 10:34-48

ShareActs 10:34-48 And so the miracle of Pentecost continues. Pentecost was not only a day of God’s visitation but also the ongoing reality of the spread of His kingdom.  In this passage, Peter connects what the Father has done through the Son with what the Son has done through the Spirit and what the Son […]

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Friday of 1st Sunday after Trinity – Acts 10:24-33

ShareActs 10:24-33 I can tell today’s lesson in one word: “obedience.” Thank you very much.  Now we can all go back to our jobs in peace, having accomplished the world’s shortest Bible devotional. Eh?  What’s that?  Oh, there’s something more that should be said about this? In the grand scheme of things, Acts 10 is […]

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Thursday of 1st Sunday after Trinity – Acts 10:1-23

ShareActs 10:1-23 “What God has cleansed you must not call common.” What a difficult truth for us to accept! Adam and Eve were the first ones who had difficulty with this.  God had made the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil holy, so He set it apart from the other trees, saying, “You […]

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Wednesday of 1st Sunday after Trinity – Acts 9:32-43

ShareActs 9:32-43 I want you to know that I died today. I thought someone should know. You might not have noticed, but it’s not really your fault.  You see: I’m a zombie.  I’m one of the millions who are seen every day, walking around as if they’re living, but who in reality are dead. Some […]

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Tuesday of 1st Sunday after Trinity – Acts 9:20-31

ShareActs 9:20-31 In Acts 9, Jesus Christ has raised up another man to minister in His Name: Paul.  We have a tendency to make heroes out of individuals and to treat them as individuals apart from the community that gives them life.  Since the age of print and the consequent desire to display oneself as […]

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