Culture Shift by Albert Moehler

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Good Material but Too Episodic and Superficial

Albert Moehler is a Christian phenomenon. His presence for the good of God’s Kingdom seems to be everywhere, and finally he’s written a book. While I agree with almost all that Moehler has to say in “Culture Shift” I still don’t think it’s a great book. This is primarily because the book is divided up into 25 episodic chapters that have no overall theme except the vague one of “Culture Shift.” Since each chapter is only 6-7 pages or so, this doesn’t leave a lot of room for Moehler to go into much detail.

I do enjoy the range of the topics Moehler covers, which is some (but not enough compensation) for the sort of shotgun approach of the book. The first chapter, Engaging the City ofManis good as far as it goes but is far too general to be of real help. Other examples of weak chapters are Chapter 19 on Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream and Chapter 20 on Islam (which needed to be dealt with at much greater length). Chapters that I found somewhat helpful include Chapters 2-4, where Moehler sustains an argument about Christian morality and law, and Chapter 14 on Who’s Afraid of the Fetus (on the importance of using the ultrasound to educate and change minds.)

Overall, the book is sound in which Moehler teaches, but it’s just not deep enough. Think of it as a sort of Christian primer on a number of cultural issues and the book has some, but limited, value.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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