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Theology of the Body – Pope John Paul II

SharePossibly the Most Important Theological Work of the 20th Century Pope John Paul II’s “Man and Woman He Created Them,” popularly known as “A Theology of the Body” may be the most important theological work of the 20th century. I say this because John Paul II is not only a first-rate theologian but also because […]

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The Eastern Church in the Spiritual Marketplace – Amy Slagle

ShareExcellent Analysis of Eastern Orthodox Conversions in America Amy Slagle’s “The Eastern Church in the Spiritual Marketplace” is an excellent, scholarly look at conversions to Eastern Orthodoxy in America. As an Anglican priest and professor, I’ve been interested in Eastern Orthodoxy, and especially the churches in the U.S. However, information other than that provided by […]

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The Triumph of Christianity – Rodney Stark

ShareStriking New Insights Into the Rise and Growth of Christianity I’m a big fan of Rodney Stark because his works are both scholarly and readable, as well as being well-argued, well-researched, and positively revelatory. His new book, “The Triumph of Christianity,” is similar to his earlier work, “The Rise of Christianity.” However he not only […]

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The Meaning of Marriage – Tim Keller

ShareWise and Wonderful, Profound and Practical Marriage is clearly a troubled institution in American culture, and that includes even among American Christians. The problem is that so often Christians have accepted the world’s definitions of marriage. While many Christian books have been written on marriage, Tim Keller’s “The Meaning of Marriage” is one of the […]

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Culture Shift by Albert Moehler

ShareGood Material but Too Episodic and Superficial Albert Moehler is a Christian phenomenon. His presence for the good of God’s Kingdom seems to be everywhere, and finally he’s written a book. While I agree with almost all that Moehler has to say in “Culture Shift” I still don’t think it’s a great book. This is […]

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Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow

ShareSome Good Ideas Mixed with Careless Claims and Not So Good Ideas Many Christians have recognized that the Church today seems to have a problem with men not coming to church. As a priest concerned about this trend, I decided to read David Murrow’s “Why Men Hate Going to Church.” While I found a lot […]

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Suicide of a Superpower – Pat Buchanan

ShareProvocative Prophesy of America’s Future I have to say at the beginning of my review that while I don’t always agree with Pat Buchanan’s prescriptions, his descriptions of what’s going on in America tend to be highly accurate and significant. Even if you disagree with Pat’s assessment of the trends he chronicles in “Suicide of […]

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Simply Jesus by N.T. Wright

ShareBrilliant and Provocative Book on Jesus and His Kingdom N.T. Wright’s latest book, “Simply Jesus,” claims to be a new vision of who Jesus is and what He did. Ultimately, the book is what it claims. It’s a sometimes brilliant and inspiring re-presentation of who Jesus is and what He came to do. But unfortunately, […]

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The Book of Man by William J. Bennett

ShareGives a Vision and Stories of How to be a Virtuous Man A lot of us have figured out that there is a lack of male leadership in our culture these days. It’s easy to lament this fact but more difficult to do something about it. William Bennett, the compiler of the excellent Book of […]

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Christian Spirituality – Alister McGrath

ShareSimple, Useful Introduction to Christian Spirituality Alister McGrath is a prolific Evangelical Anglican scholar.  He’s written on a wide variety of subjects related to Christianity, ranging from very scholarly works to popular works.  “Christian Spirituality” occupies the middle ground: it can be used as a brief reference for more serious study but is also accessible […]

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