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A Year With God by Richard Foster

Share Good, But Not As Connected to The Bible As It Should Have Been. Richard Foster has for many years helped build up the lives of Christians with his work, especially, on the spiritual disciplines.  I’ve been reading The Spiritual Formation Bible and enjoying it.  “A Year With God” is another in a series of […]

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Rob Bell’s Love Wins

Share Well, the cat’s out of the bag now: Rob Bell is officially a universalist.  To date, I’ve kept out of the arguments over the Emergent Church and the theology and methodology of Rob Bell. As a pastor, professor, teacher, and writer – and one who passionately loves Christ and cares about His gospel – […]

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Matthew Now Available At Amazon

Share Give Us This Day is a unique daily devotional commentary for the entire New Testament based on the ancient method called lectio divina.  Lectio divina, or “divine reading,” is the method used by the early church and countless Christians through the centuries to read the Scriptures to form and transform the soul more than […]

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