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Friday of Trinity 13 – Matthew 4:1-11

ShareMatthew 4:1-11  Baptism-Fasting-Feasting. This is the pattern of the life of Christ in Matthew 4, and it is the pattern of our lives as well.  You can even see this pattern in the Church Year that the church has created and preserved.  Advent and Christmas are kinds of baptisms or new beginnings: Advent is the […]

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Thursday of Trinity 13 – Matthew 3

ShareMatthew 3 “Repent!  For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!” There, that’s what you came to hear me say, wasn’t it.  It’s what I’m most famous for. Some called me Elijah.  But they were wrong.  Others called me The Prophet.  They, too, were wrong.  Some actually thought I was the Messiah, if you can […]

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Wednesday of Trinity 13 – Matthew 2:13-23

ShareMatthew 2:13-23 I am amazed and humbled again at the obedience of Joseph.  Now it’s true that Joseph was especially privileged to have heard angels speak to him in dreams, upon several occasions.  Yet he still had to obey.  And if it’s true that Mary was perpetually virgin, which has implications for Joseph’s sex life, […]

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Tuesday of Trinity 13 – Matthew 2:1-12

ShareMatthew 2:1-12 I want to talk this morning about zombies. . . . Yes, zombies – you know, the living dead that you see in horror movies. I don’t watch a lot of movies compared to a lot of people, but in my time I’ve watched a number of strange movies.  One of them was […]

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Monday of Trinity 13, 2016 – Matthew 1

ShareMatthew 1 “Hello, I’m your host, Guy Smiley.  And now it’s time to play Fun with Genealogies, that wacky Bible trivia game in which our contestants try to see who can come up with the most creative way to stay awake while reading biblical genealogies.  Last week we had a woman who stapled her eyelids […]

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Saturday of Trinity 12 – Romans 15:17-33

ShareRomans 15:17-33 What is it that we’re doing?  What are we doing with our lives?  Are we just breathing air, taking up space, occupying time, working to pay bills so we have a place to live so we can work to pay our bills . . . ? I know all of you have had […]

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Friday of Trinity 12 – Romans 15:1-16

ShareRomans 15:1-16 I love books.  At my last count (taken several years ago), I have over 2000 books now – and counting.  Every time we move (which has been way too often in the past), Jackie and I are struck by how many boxes of books there are to move.  Usually, I have to lift […]

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Thursday of Trinity 12 – Romans 14:13-23

ShareRomans 14:13-23 What would your day look like if from the first thing in the morning until the last thing at night you acted completely in love? Take a few moments (if not now, then at the end of today’s Give Us This Day) and visualize your day in terms of what it would look […]

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Wednesday of Trinity 12 – Romans 14:1-12

ShareRomans 14:1-12 One of my favorite things that came out of the Reformation was a renewed interest in and discussion of adiaphora.  Yes, adiaphora, those cute little creatures that are neither essential nor exceptionally important but in which there is Christian liberty. A few of the things that St. Paul lists as adiaphorous are: food […]

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Tuesday of Trinity 12 – Romans 13

ShareRomans 13 What is the strongest substance known to man?  On the Moh’s scale, it is diamond, which is a 10.  To be more precise, the hardest substance now known to man is aggregated diamond nanorods or, ADNRs, which are an allotrope of carbon believed to be the hardest and least compressible known material, as […]

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