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Stylistic Definitions of Anglicanism

ShareStylistic Definitions of Anglicanism In my previous two blogs I dealt with the normative and structural definitions of Anglicanism: today I’ll discuss what I call “stylistic” definitions of Anglicanism. Stylistic definitions of Anglicanism center not on structures or norms but on certain characteristics of Anglicanism that might be categorized as “stylistic,” or matters of a […]

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The Structural Definition of Anglicanism

ShareThe Structural Definition of Anglicanism I began my last blog with the idea that in order to define adequately religious identities, it’s best to use complex and even multiple definitions.  Last time I offered a normative definition of Anglicanism, a kind of definition which is especially helpful in defining religious identities more specifically.  However, normative […]

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The Normative Definition of Anglicanism

ShareThe Normative Definition of Anglicanism One of the things I discovered in spending several years trying to define Anglicanism for my Ph.D. was that most definitions of Anglicanism, and for any religious identity, are far too simplistic.  In reality, religious identities are often bewilderingly complex.  While many Anglicans have some sense of what they mean […]

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A One Sentence Definition of Anglicanism

ShareA One Sentence Definition of Anglicanism So far in my blogs on Anglicanism, I’ve offered a 2 word definition of Anglicanism (“Reformed Catholicism”) and explained both of these words.  Over the course of the next several blogs I want to develop a more sophisticated and extended definition of Anglicanism, based on my Ph.D. thesis.  Definitions […]

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How I Became an Anglican

ShareHow I Became an Anglican The conversion narratives of people who have become Roman Catholics or Orthodox Christians are filled with people courageously and passionately seeking “The True Church.” I wish I could tell you such a glowing conversion narrative in telling you how I became an Anglican. I also wish I could tell you […]

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Anglicanism is Reformed

ShareAnglicanism is Reformed The one central thing I’ve wanted to have you see in my writings about Anglicanism is that Anglicanism is, at heart, Reformed Catholicism.  In my last blog, I discussed the Catholic identity of Anglicanism and re-asserted another central idea: that “Reformed” is an adjective and “Catholic” is a noun.  My examination of […]

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Is Anglicanism Catholic?

ShareAnglicanism is Catholicism I said in my last post that the 2-word definition of Anglicanism is “Reformed Catholicism.” (Funny: isn’t there a blog name somewhere in the blogosphere with that name?) Though often lost in an over-emphasis on Protestantism (the “Reformed” aspect of Anglicanism), Anglicanism has always been a quest for catholicity.  As I said […]

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I Can Name That Tune in 2 Notes

ShareI don’t know if any of you ever watched an old TV show called “Name That Tune,” but it was a show in which people bid to see how few notes they could identify a song in. If someone could name a song with only 3 notes that was pretty good. But 2 notes? That […]

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The 2 Word Definition of Anglicanism

ShareI’m often asked the question, “What is Anglicanism?” To which I respond: “Do you want the 1 long sentence answer, the 1 paragraph answer, the 1 page answer, or my Ph.D. thesis? Later in this post, I’m going to give you the 2 word definition of Anglicanism. Avoiding having to answer the question of what […]

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