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Anglican Religious Identity and History – Part I

ShareAnglican Religious Identity and History – Part I In an earlier blog, I offered the following one-sentence definition of Anglicanism: “Anglicanism is the life of the Catholic Church that was planted in England in the first few centuries after Christ; reshaped decisively by the English Reformation that reformed the received catholic traditions and also by […]

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The Charismatic Spirituality

ShareThe Charismatic Spirituality So far, in trying to understand aspects of orthodox Anglicanism, I’ve looked at Anglo-Catholicism and Evangelicalism. Now it’s time to look at the Charismatic spirituality. The modern Pentecostal movement, which is the precursor to the Charismatic spirituality, is often dated from the Azusa Street Revival of 1906, although others acknowledge antecedents in […]

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4 Orthodox Anglican Spiritualities

Share4 Orthodox Anglican Spiritualities In my last blog I introduced stylistic definitions of Anglicanism and promised to look at what I consider to be 4 orthodox spiritualities. What these 4 orthodox spiritualities are and how they interact will be an important part of the future for Anglicanism in the 21st century. Can a renewed orthodox […]

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