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The Structural Definition of Anglicanism

ShareThe Structural Definition of Anglicanism I began my last blog with the idea that in order to define adequately religious identities, it’s best to use complex and even multiple definitions.  Last time I offered a normative definition of Anglicanism, a kind of definition which is especially helpful in defining religious identities more specifically.  However, normative […]

November 16, 2011 | 5 Comments More

Is Anglicanism Catholic?

ShareAnglicanism is Catholicism I said in my last post that the 2-word definition of Anglicanism is “Reformed Catholicism.” (Funny: isn’t there a blog name somewhere in the blogosphere with that name?) Though often lost in an over-emphasis on Protestantism (the “Reformed” aspect of Anglicanism), Anglicanism has always been a quest for catholicity.  As I said […]

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