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Monday of Trinity 14 – Matthew 5:1-16

ShareMatthew 5:1-16               The Sermon on the Mount in general and the Beatitudes in particular are as dense as a black hole!  It’s a little intimidating trying to say something meaningful about the Beatitudes in such a small space, but here goes. The first thing that strikes me is the very name Beatitudes.  This […]

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Wednesday of Trinity 6 – Acts 21:15-26

ShareActs 21:15-26             “Let a man so consider us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.  Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful” (1 Corinthians 4:1-2).  This is what Paul says to the church at Corinth which he helped establish, the church at Corinth that we have […]

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Holy Innocents – Mark 10:13-16, 23-31

Share I find it helpful in understanding the love Jesus has for children to remember that I am a child of God.  Jesus loves the little children as children, but He especially loves all who come to Him as children, regardless of age. The main point about children and their relationship to Jesus, in the […]

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Tuesday of 5th Sunday in Trinity – Luke 10:1-24

ShareLuke 10:1-24 “The kingdom of God has come near you.” This is Jesus’ proclamation to His disciples in both verses 9 and 11.  I seem to remember that from somewhere.  Computing . . . computing – come on-n-n-n brain! I’ve got it!  Isn’t this what J the B said in Matthew 3 to prepare the […]

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Monday of 5th Sunday after Easter – Matthew 6:5-15

ShareMatthew 6:5-15 I love antiques and artifacts.  I love going to museums and experiencing their artifacts.  I feel tangibly closer to dinosaurs or mummies, to van Gogh or Van Eyck, when in a museum.  I love old books and how they smell and their sturdy yellow pages and the fact that they connect me with […]

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Monday of Septuagesima Sunday – Mark 6:7-13

ShareMark 6:7-13 In this passage Jesus the Great Master sends out His disciples, in particular the 12, to go and be His presence in the world.  Jesus knows that in His human form He is limited in space: He can only be in one place at a time.  He also knows that His time is […]

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Friday of Advent 2 – Mark 4:21-29

ShareMark 4:21-29 Today, Jesus continues His teaching on how the Kingdom grows, which is to say the process of discipleship.  The secret to the Kingdom of God and its mysterious and wonderful growth is the growth of the Church, which is to say the growth of Christians, which is to say discipleship: “The Kingdom of […]

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Monday of Trinity 21 – Matthew 22:15-33

ShareMatthew 22:15-33 We Christians are amphibians: we dwell in two habitats.  We are inhabitants of two universes at the same time.  We live in the earthly realm and also the heavenly realm at the same time, and often there is tension between the two.  Both of today’s stories deal with this tension, each in a […]

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Friday of Trinity 20 – Matthew 21:17-32

ShareMatthew 21:17-32 “Son, go work today in my vineyard,” our Father says to us (verse 28). God has planted us in His garden, His Kingdom, and He has called each of you to go and work in His vineyard today.  It’s a wonderful thing to be planted in God’s garden.  It’s a place filled with […]

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Thursday of Trinity 17 – Matthew 13:1-23

ShareMatthew 13:1-23 How do you think of yourself compared to other people?  Would you say that in the grand scheme of things you are blessed, or that life’s been a little unfair to you? Maybe you’re in debt, and you’re not quite sure how you got there, but it doesn’t seem to be your fault.  […]

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