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Thursday of Lent 4, 2014 – Mark 13:1-13

ShareMark 13:1-13 The situation that Jesus describes seems remotely close and familiar.  It stretches back to the first century A.D. and all the way into my little study here in Tyler, Texas in the 21st century (it still seems cool and futuristic to me to say that I live in the 21st century!)  What Jesus […]

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Wednesday of Lent 4 – Mark 12:38-44

ShareMark 12:38-44 “Size matters.” That’s what “They” tell us, so it must be true.  We want to know how much we earn and how much others earn.  We want to compare the sizes of our churches, their programs and their organs.  We measure by human standards how much we’ve given.  We do this to make […]

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Tuesday of Lent 4 – Mark 12:28-37

ShareMark 12:28-37 What is the greatest commandment?  And why is it the greatest commandment? Here are some answers that seem to be common in our culture: “Thou shalt not offend thy neighbor.” “Thou shalt not judge.” “Thou shalt live and let live.” “Thou shalt have the right to worship God or god any way thou […]

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Monday of Lent 4 – Mark 12:18-27

ShareMark 12:18-27 I’m glad that here, towards the end of Lent and even before Easter, we are able to celebrate the resurrection.  The main point of Jesus’ answer to the Sadducees was, of course, that there is indeed a resurrection from the dead to eternal life.  This is so plain from the New Testament that […]

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Saturday of Lent 3 – Mark 12:13-17

Share Here’s one that ought to keep your brains busy for a while: what is the proper relationship between the Church and the State?  Such things used to be self-evident.  Well, sort of.  At times Christians have been persecuted by the State and yet loyal subjects; the biggest advocates of State power; advocates of the […]

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Friday of Lent 3 – Mark 12:1-12

ShareFriday of Lent 3 – Mark 12:1-12 Today, Jesus continues His teaching on trees and fruitfulness, only this time He’s talking not so much about the trees but those who tend them.  In the beginning, God placed man in a paradisiacal garden for Him to tend.  He created a good and beautiful place for man […]

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Thursday of Lent 3 – Mark 11:12-26

ShareMark 11:12-26 Nasty, mean Jesus!  Who does he think he is – causing a fig tree to wither?  Obviously, he wasn’t environmentally friendly.  Maybe we can wish this side of Jesus away by taking our Jeffersonian scissors to the parts of the Bible we don’t like and neatly excising them. Nasty Jesus! If our reaction […]

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Wednesday of Lent 3 – Mark 10:46-52

ShareMark 10:46-52 How wonderful it is when a blind man receives his sight, and how tragic when a sighted man goes blind! How wonderful it is when a lost man is saved, and how tragic it is when one who was saved begins to get lost! Blind Bartimaeus is a picture (for those who have […]

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Tuesday of Lent 3 – Mark 10:32-45

ShareMark 10:32-45 As children we often say and do things we are later embarrassed by.  At home, for example, I still have a large green book filled with pictures I drew, stickers, games I made up, etc.  In the front cover of the book stands a statement I wrote that still causes me to laugh […]

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Monday of Lent 3 – Mark 10:17-31

ShareMark 10:17-31 Poor rich young ruler.  He just didn’t get it.  He thought he had it made in this world.  He was rich, he kept the commandments of God from his youth, and he even understood that Jesus was a good teacher.  What else could God possibly want from him? What Jesus wanted was the […]

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