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Tuesday of 2nd Sunday in Trinity – Luke 5:12-26

ShareLuke 5:12-26 Strange days have found us.  Strange days have tracked us down. We have seen strange things today! There is an invisible miracle that takes place in the Erlandson household every evening after our common supper.  A great multitude comes together to hear the report that is going around concerning Jesus of Nazareth.  A […]

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Ascension Day – Acts 1:1-11

ShareActs 1:1-11 Why did Christ ascend into heaven?  Out of all the important things Jesus did, it’s one of the few that we recite every week in the Creeds.  But Ascension Day itself is often forgotten, sandwiched in on a Thursday (40 days after the Resurrection) and overshadowed by Incarnation, Crucifixion, and Resurrection. I want […]

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Wednesday of 5th Sunday after Easter – 1 John 5:5-15

Share1 John 5:5-15 The word “Rogation” means “asking,” or “praying,” and the three Rogation Days (the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week) are traditionally days of special prayer, particularly for God’s blessing on the spring planting and on the land we live in. The sad fact of our existence is that while God created […]

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Monday of 5th Sunday after Easter – Matthew 6:5-15

ShareMatthew 6:5-15 I love antiques and artifacts.  I love going to museums and experiencing their artifacts.  I feel tangibly closer to dinosaurs or mummies, to van Gogh or Van Eyck, when in a museum.  I love old books and how they smell and their sturdy yellow pages and the fact that they connect me with […]

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Saturday of the 2nd Sunday after Easter – Hebrews 9:1-14

ShareHebrews 9:1-14 There is so much more in Hebrews 9 than meets the eye that I’m at a loss for how to meditate on it in a short time.  The entire book of Hebrews, and this chapter in some ways in particular, reveal the need for Bible study – not to gather random facts but […]

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Tuesday of 1st Sunday after Easter – Hebrews 2:1-8

ShareHebrews 2:1-8 Beginning in verse 5, the writer of Hebrews continues His theme of the glory of Christ.  He does so by quoting from Psalm 8, and in so doing, he provides us with a key hermeneutic tool to interpret the Psalms.  Who is the “man” of Psalm 8?  It seems, like so many of […]

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Saturday of 2nd Sunday in Lent – 1 Corinthians 9:1-14

Share1 Corinthians 9:1-14 “Do not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain.” That’s an interesting passage that St. Paul has chosen to use.  But he is doing what we all must do: take the Holy Scriptures and apply them to our lives.  Along the way, before we get started, Paul has also incidentally […]

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Friday of Sexagesima Sunday – Mark 9:14-29

ShareMark 9:14-29 Today we hear another lesson about the growth of the disciples of Jesus Christ, which means us.  Faith and faithfulness are not an On/Off switch so that you either perfectly have faith or perfectly don’t.  Our faith is partial most of the time: it is not perfect yet.  For this reason, it is […]

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Saturday of the 3rd Sunday after the Epiphany – Philippians 4:4-23

SharePhilippians 4:4-23 Rejoice – for the Lord is at hand! I like to think of myself as saying this in a kind of John the Baptist voice (a la “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”), only with joy instead of penitence. Now that the light of Christmas has passed to Epiphany and […]

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Thursday of Epiphany 2 – Ephesians 6

ShareEphesians 6 Have you ever gotten involved in something that suddenly revealed itself as being a lot more serious than you thought?  For some, this happens in marriage, and they are like Jacob who thought he had married Rachel.  But Behold! it was Leah! For Diedre Cobb, it was joining the Army Reserves and facing […]

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