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Wednesday of Trinity 10 – Romans 6

ShareRomans 6 Changes of identity fascinate us human beings.  It’s one of the reasons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and multiple personality disorders (Three Faces of Eve; Sybil) intrigue us.  People like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and David Bowie are particularly notable examples of the chameleon-like nature of modern identity.  You’re all familiar with the gender […]

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Monday of Trinity 7 – Acts 22:30-23:11

ShareActs 22:30-23:11 “Concerning the hope and resurrection of the dead I am being judged!” This was Paul’s plea when he was given the opportunity to give an account of himself and his life.  Paul could have said many things about his life, but he chose to say this.  Why would Paul give this simple account […]

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Saturday of 5th Sunday after Trinity – Acts 20:1-16

ShareActs 20:1-16 Paul, as an apostle, is a microcosm of the Church itself.  In this relatively unassuming passage, we can see Paul connected to every important ministry which Jesus has entrusted to His Body.  What unites this work of Jesus Christ, which is the work of the Church, is the Church’s worship of Jesus Christ.  […]

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Wednesday of 1st Sunday after Trinity – Acts 9:32-43

ShareActs 9:32-43 I want you to know that I died today. I thought someone should know. You might not have noticed, but it’s not really your fault.  You see: I’m a zombie.  I’m one of the millions who are seen every day, walking around as if they’re living, but who in reality are dead. Some […]

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Thursday of Easter Week – John 20:24-31

ShareJohn 20:24-31 “Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed” (John 20:29). That’s us: we have not seen Jesus Christ in the flesh, and yet we believe.  If this is true for you today, then you are blessed! And yet how often are we like St. Thomas after all.  How often we […]

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Easter Even – Romans 6:3-11

ShareRomans 6:3-11 Our individual identity is something very precious to each of us.  Unfortunately, in our culture we find that often people don’t know who they are.  So they try counseling and alternative lifestyles.  They change hair and clothing styles.  Tattoos and body piercings are also attempts to create an identity. Jackie’s favorite channel on […]

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Monday of Lent 4 – Mark 12:18-27

ShareMark 12:18-27 I’m glad that here, towards the end of Lent and even before Easter, we are able to celebrate the resurrection.  The main point of Jesus’ answer to the Sadducees was, of course, that there is indeed a resurrection from the dead to eternal life.  This is so plain from the New Testament that […]

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Thursday of Lent 2 – John 11:17-27

ShareJohn 11:17-27 I wonder a lot about how the Gospel comes down to us in particular, pre-packaged forms.  I wonder about how it is that certain semi-official versions of the gospel became semi-official versions; about how and when John 3:16 became the verse of the Bible; about how Thomas became merely “Doubting Thomas”; about how […]

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Wednesday of Lent 2 – John 11:1-16

ShareJohn 11:1-16 “Let us also go, that we may die with Him” said Believing Thomas (it’s always bothered me that we burden St. Thomas solely with the descriptor “Doubting”).  I don’t believe Thomas actually knew what he was saying, but I think I know what it might mean to us. “Let us also go, that […]

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Tuesday of Lent 2, 2016 – John 10:1-30 – Part III

ShareJohn 10:1-30 – Part III Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, both knows and leads His sheep.  But this knowledge (which is love) and this leading (which is love by serving) means that the Good Shepherd also gives His life for the sheep (verse 11 and 15). Jesus, the Good Shepherd, loves His sheep: He loves […]

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