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Wednesday of Trinity 18 – Matthew 14:22-36

ShareMatthew 14:22-36 There are so many encounters that the disciples have with Jesus in such a short time in this one episode that I see myself in this story multiple times.  Each time I see myself, I see a little more of myself and my Lord reflected from the waters of the Sea of Galilee.  […]

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Thursday of Trinity 17 – Matthew 13:1-23

ShareMatthew 13:1-23 How do you think of yourself compared to other people?  Would you say that in the grand scheme of things you are blessed, or that life’s been a little unfair to you? Maybe you’re in debt, and you’re not quite sure how you got there, but it doesn’t seem to be your fault.  […]

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Friday of Trinity 16 – Matthew 11:2-19

ShareMatthew 11:2-19 “Are you the Coming One, or do we look for another?” It seems like a clear and straightforward question.  I don’t know why, but I expect a clear and straightforward answer, you know, something like: “Yes, I am Jesus, the Messiah, the Coming One, the King of the Jews, the Son of God, […]

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