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Tuesday of Trinity 11 – Romans 8:28-39

ShareRomans 8:28-39 This God is a strange person, unlike any human we’ve ever met.  It’s not just that He’s God and the Maker of the Universe and Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omnitemporal, and Omniscient – those are scary and strange enough. It’s also that He’s so perfect and simple.  All that He Is, is also what He […]

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Friday of Trinity 10 – Romans 7:14-25

ShareRomans 7:14-25 I used to want to be a psychologist, or at least a cognitive scientist.  I’m interested in the bizarre diversity present within human beings, especially the more bizarre aspects of who we are.  There was a time when I wanted to study dreams and how vivid various people’s were, and when I was […]

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Thursday of 1st Sunday after Trinity – Acts 10:1-23

ShareActs 10:1-23 “What God has cleansed you must not call common.” What a difficult truth for us to accept! Adam and Eve were the first ones who had difficulty with this.  God had made the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil holy, so He set it apart from the other trees, saying, “You […]

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Thursday of Quinquagesima Sunday – John 8:1-11

ShareJohn 8:1-11 “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.” What would it have been like to have heard these words from the lips of Jesus Christ?  Imagine that you are filled with guilt, true guilt.  You have been engaged in one of the most sinful behaviors known to mankind: adultery, the behavior […]

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Wednesday of the 21st Sunday after Trinity – 2 Timothy 2:14-26

Share2 Timothy 2:14-26 For years, I spent my life as a Christian focusing on some of the most obvious sins in my own life.  It’s true, that the sin in our lives should be a daily focus, for without acknowledging our sins there can be no confession of sins or repentance, and without these, no […]

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Saturday of Trinity 8 – Luke 17:11-19

ShareLuke 17:11-19 Sometimes, often – usually – God asks us to work with Him in answering our prayers.  We ask to be healed in body, and yet we are to make wise choices about our health and go to doctors.  We ask for forgiveness, and yet we must accept forgiveness and give it to others. […]

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Friday of the 8th Sunday in Trinity – Luke 17:1-10

ShareLuke 17:1-10 Decisions, decisions.  God is drawing my attention to both verses 1-4 and verses 5-10.  Let’s meditate on verses 1-4. “Take heed to yourselves.”  Take care of yourselves, watch out for yourselves, Jesus says.  Why in the world would He say this?  What danger is it that lurks in our lives? The danger is, […]

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Thursday of the 7th Sunday after Trinity – Luke 14:1-14

ShareLuke 14:1-14 I can’t tell the difference between love and humility. Most of us have been taught that the opposite of love is hate, and in some ways I suppose that is true.  But for the Christian, the true opposite of love (which is to give up self for the good of another) is pride […]

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Friday of Trinity 5, 2015 – Luke 11:14-28

ShareLuke 11:14-28 You might remember the Ajax White Knight, clad in silver armor, mounted on a white steed, and galloping valiantly down neighborhood streets zapping dirty laundry with his magic white lance to the tune of “Stronger than Dirt.”  Apparently, the inspiration for the White Knight campaign originated in a dream that the ad creator, […]

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Thursday of 4th Sunday after Easter – Hebrews 13:1-8

ShareHebrews 13:1-8 How are we to live, in light of Who Jesus Christ Is, and in light of His fiery glory?  How may we serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear (12:28)?  I’m glad you asked!  The writer of Hebrews has provided a mini-handbook of ways in which we should live, knowing that we […]

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