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Tuesday of Trinity 11 – Romans 8:28-39

ShareRomans 8:28-39 This God is a strange person, unlike any human we’ve ever met.  It’s not just that He’s God and the Maker of the Universe and Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omnitemporal, and Omniscient – those are scary and strange enough. It’s also that He’s so perfect and simple.  All that He Is, is also what He […]

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Monday of Trinity 11 – Romans 8:18-27

ShareRomans 8:18-27 The saying goes that there are only two things certain in this life: death and taxes.  If you’re a baseball fan it used to be certain that the Red Sox would not win another World Series.  And if you’re a Cubs fan like I am, then it still seems pretty certain that the […]

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Tuesday of 5th Sunday after Trinity – Acts 18:12-23

ShareActs 18:12-23 I want to write a book today (along with the other dozen ones in my head) called Silent Saints.  It will be a book about people like John Keble who went about the trivial round and common tasks of their lives with great faith, perseverance, and joy, and yet aren’t remembered because they […]

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Thursday of 4th Sunday after Trinity – Acts 16:25-40

ShareActs 16:25-40 I want to know something.  I have one question I’d like to ask St. Paul today. I demand an answer. “How were you able to be singing hymns to God at midnight, having been falsely accused, thrown into a Roman jail, and having your feet fastened in the stocks? I want to know […]

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Saturday of Pentecost Sunday (Trinity Eve) – 2 Corinthians 13:5-14

Share2 Corinthians 13:5-14 In St. Paul’s final words of the two letters we have of his to the Corinthian church, Paul speaks of power and weakness in the Kingdom of God, especially as it relates to Christian ministry.  For those who are familiar with St. Paul’s writings, it will come as no surprise (even if […]

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Ascension Day – Hebrews 4:14-5:10

ShareHebrews 4:14-5:10 We should all remember the vision of Jesus Christ that St. John records in Revelation 1 (you might want to read it today).  I want that image of the bright-as-the-sun Christ to be seared into your memory forever.  Maybe we should all go out and stare at the sun for a few seconds […]

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Tuesday of 2nd Sunday after Easter – 1 Peter 4:1-6

Share1 Peter 4:1-6 THWACK! ! ! Do you know what that sound is? It’s the sound of one of God’s cosmic “spankings.”  Though our first instinct is naturally to cry, it’s a cosmic mistake to misinterpret one of God’s spankings.  So let’s get rid of a few misconceptions about God’s spankings right here and now.  […]

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Monday of 2nd Sunday after Easter – 1 Peter 3:13-22

Share1 Peter 3:13-22  What’s the answer to the problem of suffering?  Sanctify the Lord in your heart. Like St. James and St. Paul and Jesus Himself – pretty much the whole New Testament – St. Peter assumes that there will be suffering in this world for the Christian.  Theologically, there is the so-called problem of […]

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Easter Even – Romans 6:3-11

ShareRomans 6:3-11 Our individual identity is something very precious to each of us.  Unfortunately, in our culture we find that often people don’t know who they are.  So they try counseling and alternative lifestyles.  They change hair and clothing styles.  Tattoos and body piercings are also attempts to create an identity. Jackie’s favorite channel on […]

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Thursday of Lent 4 – Mark 13:1-13

ShareMark 13:1-13 The situation that Jesus describes seems remotely close and familiar.  It stretches back to the first century A.D. and all the way into my little study here in Tyler, Texas in the 21st century (it still seems cool and futuristic to me to say that I live in the 21st century!)  What Jesus […]

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